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Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

If you search the Internet for ideas on what to include in your capsule wardrobe, you most likely end up with many that consist nearly completely of basics and neutral colours. This can lead you to believe that to be a minimalist you need to also love the pared-down aesthetics. Basics and neutrals are easy to mix and match, which explains their popularity when trying to dress with less. However, never think that you have to give up your personal style for a capsule wardrobe. It's all about finding out what suits you best and which pieces you would like to be wearing all the time. No matter, what kind of aesthetics you prefer.

I include in my capsule wardrobe
everyday clothing

I will aim to have no more than 33-37 items per season.

I do not count sleep and sports wear nor my jewellery or the one hat I own. I usually sleep in an old tank top or during summer simply naked. For sports I have a few old shirts, one sports bra and a pair of sneakers. My accessory collection is also so small that I see no point to include or restrict it.

I will not be mentioning the brands as nearly all of the pieces are made by fast fashion companies which I don't wish to promote anymore. On the bright side, about half of the clothes in my capsule are second hand, hand-me-downs or have been in use nearly 10 years already. Ever since my teen years I have been a big fan of thrifting.

Anyway, here is what my base capsule wardrobe looks like for the Summer 2017!

Dresses & Skirts

I love all of the dresses, but I have noticed the same malfunction with a few of them: too much cleavage! I was chatting with my mom on Skype and she basically told me to hide my boobs...hmm. The problem wasn't there last summer, but the 6 kilos I have gained since then have made me quite a bit curvier around the chest area. This is of course easily solved with a tank top layered under, but during the hot months such thing is just annoying. Solution N° 2 is naturally to drop the weight, but as we quit smoking a few months back, our metabolisms haven't been the same as before. I'm working on it though!

Style-wise I am quite happy with my collection, but I think there is space for a little black dress. I would also like to have one of those midi skirts with the buttons going all the way down in the front.


I'm afraid that during July and August it will be nearly constantly too hot to wear any pants, but I'm keeping these anyway for the days when the heat has a bit more mercy on us (wearing jeans today, yayyy). The pair on the left are high waisted skinny jeggings and the ones on the right are regular waist and ankle length.

Blouses & Shirts

Many of my blouses have been with me already a long time and  most I found in flea markets. The first one from the left on the bottom row is a fairly new addition and good for creating more chic or dressy looks. The two button down shirts I own date back to when I was working at the hotel in Avignon. When the weather permits, I like to reach for them for a more sleek, simple look.

T-shirts are conspicuous by their absence in my wardrobe. I would like to add in at least one good quality gray and one black t-shirt.

Sleeveless tops

I was left with a quite sad little collection of sleeveless tops. The black spaghetti strap top has way too long straps and is very poor quality, but I'm keeping it for the moment until I can replace it with something higher quality and better fitting. 

I will be on the lookout for a black, white and gray top.

Jacket & Knitwear

Yeees yes yes, I know it is a summer capsule, but coming from Finland I couldn't help myself! There's always the what ifs. Maybe it will be the coldest summer in 50 years or something. Who knows. I will be taking advantage of every chance to layer with these. I just love my knits...

The khaki coloured jacket has been my companion in many adventures. My Mom bought it for me about 10 years ago in our little home village where the shop keeper was proud to announce that, "This jacket comes from Paris!!"


This is my go-to bag that for its colour goes with everything. Its space is very limited though so I would like to invest in a good quality tote bag.


Yup, I kept both two black ballerinas I own. The pair on the left is super sturdy one and they should last a long time in use once I'm finally brave enough to wear them in...I'm 100 percent certain they will give me the worst blisters. The pair on the right did also in the beginning, but now they are super soft and comfy.

I am in a desperate need for some nice sandals. My poor feet are boiling in their own sweat when I wear my ballerinas on a hot day. It's just been so hard to find sandals that are ethically made and ship to europe for a reasonable price since I haven't yet found any cool ethical shoe brands in the EU. They MUST exist though. I guess I need to keep hitting flea markets until I find the perfect pair that's been waiting for me.

And there it is! The right side is mine and left hubby's (don't worry, he has more clothes elsewhere ;D)

At least it is now confirmed that I am indeed a boho chic girl, who loves her dresses and flower patterns. The general impression of my garde-robe might be at first loud, but I do have a little selection of some plain neutrals that, when combined, can create more chic looks. They can also be used to tune down the pieces that otherwise have a lot going on. It would be a lot easier though if the Summer of South of France was like in Finland: plus 19-25 degrees during the day and cooler evenings. How easy it would be to combine a cardigan with a little dress. But here the Summer is HOT and you basically dress in as light, tiny clothes you dare, because unfortunately being naked is not an option...When discussing about which is worse, hot or cold weather, I always say hot since you cannot relieve the situation by how you dress. In the end you can even be naked, but you still don't feel cool!!

My list

5 dresses
1 skirt
5 blouses
2 shirts
2 cardigans
1 jacket
1 knit jumper
2 spaghetti strap tops
1 sleeveless top
2 jeans
2 ballet flats
1 bag
Total of 25 items


a gray t-shirt
a black t-shirt
a white spaghetti strap top
a black spaghetti strap top
a gray sleeveless top
a little black dress
a midi skirt with buttons in the front
a tote bag
9 + 25 = 34 items

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