tiistai 9. toukokuuta 2017

Little Pieces Of Home

May 5th last Friday was my birthday and I have been expecting a gift package from my parents to arrive just about any moment. When I got the notification of a package for me at the post office I was sure that it was from my parents. Well, quite close, since it was from my brother!! Nothing could make me happier right now than knowing that someone from my far away homeland has thought of me and sent a bunch of the things that I miss so much!! I'm so happy that I will receive not only one, but two boxes from home during the same month. What a rare treat. Last time I got a delivery of candies and other Finnish goods was last summer when everybody was here for our wedding. 

Not only was the surprise perfect, but they had chosen the perfect content for their package! All my favorite candies, xylitol gum, magazines (food and handicrafts), sour cream rye crisps, Sisu salmiakki pastilles and a Moomin dishcloth (Moomin is to Finns what Pippi Longstocking is to the Swedes). Even Manu and Noki got some yummy treats from their Finnish cat-cousin ^^ 

I can't wait to check out that Novita-magazine. I appreciate so much the modern patterns the Finnish handicraft blogs and magazines are full of. Keeping the traditions alive, but not getting stuck in the past. Isn't that crocheted pullover gorgeous on the cover?? I think I need that in my life..

These candies arrive at a bad time as I have again decided to focus more on clean eating. Can I stick with just two treats per day with a cup of coffee? You have no idea how I have missed Finnish candies in this country where you can choose between Haribo and...Haribo. The French are not as much into candies as us Finns so there is not that many new tastes to choose from either. In Finland even adults love sweet treats :D

We are plotting to start a huge "home detox" this evening. That means that everything in this house will be washed inside out and all of the clutter driving us crazy will find its place. You know, when you start cleaning your surroundings just to feel like you got your life together? Well, it's kind of that sort of project. More about that soon!

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