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July Favorites

I know this is about the most cliché thing ever to say, but where the hell did last month go?? I wonder if it really has to do with age (they claim time feels faster the older you get) or I just need to focus more in the present moment. In any case, I will definitely remember last July as the hottest one I have ever experienced here in Provence. Bad news is that the goddamn heat has followed us all the way to August. Car trips make me recall what a badly heated sauna feels like (no AC and passenger side window is jammed) and to fall asleep we rely on wet towels on our naked bodies. Well, lets maybe be more positive and take a look at the things I actually loved in July! 

Eating Clean

As soon as my brother and his gf were on the plane back to Finland, Q and I stopped consuming wine, cheese and pastries as if it was 1999 and I'm so proud of the determination we have had ever since! It's definitely easier to stay on track when we are not hosting people nor constantly visiting Q's parents. Recently though my parents-in-law have been very supportive and they try not to tempt us. My father-in-law is also supposed to be on a strict diet for health issues so we can motivate and encourage each other. 

Q and I have both some kilos to shed, but our way of eating has so many more benefits than just weight loss. When I eat well I notice it also positively affecting my mood, hair and nail growth plus skin health! We eat lots and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits which are so easily accessible here. Quinoa, bulgur and whole wheat bread provide us carbs and turkey, chicken, fish and eggs protein. But I still have my one glass of good wine every sunday!

Lavender Honey

Just look at that! That right there was one kilo of lavender honey three weeks ago. Our lovestory with this specific sweet gold started already last summer, but it was in june that we made the one hour trip to Gordes to the producer in order to stock up big time. Hah, we thought this one kilo would last us at least three months. Such naivety. We have added it in our tea and natural yogurt daily and this is the result. It's super delicious with butter on a good baguette, too. I told Q that next time we will buy two or three kilos to be safe.


With the heatwave around it has been very easy to stick to our habit of heading to the pool at least 3 mornings per week. Our current routine is to swim 30 lengths which makes a total of 750 meters. The goal is to get to 1 kilometer with 40 lengths. After that it is just about improving strength, speed and technique. We have already come so far though as in the beginning we could only swim five lengths in a row and now ten!

At the pool it's funny to observe cultural differences. In Finland, for example, we are very fine with being naked even around strangers in swimming pool dressing rooms and showers. Here most often the women undress their bathing suit just until the hips when washing up. According to Q, the men are less concerned about showing their private parts though. Another difference is the amount of gadgets people have. It makes me smile when I think about what a basic Finnish guy would say about the french showing up with their palm and foot paddles, pull buoys (yeah, I had no idea that blue foam thing between the thighs was called that until I googled it), water resistant mp3-players, kick boards and nose pinchers. I haven't been to a pool for a while in Finland, but back then people barely had swim caps (and having one was a sign of a serious swimmer). 

Swimming is our sport of choice not only because it is too hot for anything else, but because for me it's doctor's orders. I have had some knee pains for months already and the conclusion was that I'm simply not overall muscular enough. My bad posture was also an indicator of muscle weakness. Quite shocking to be in such a bad shape at 26! Swimming is excellent for people like me who can easily injure themself with high impact sports; it's gentle on the joints while the whole body gets stronger. And lets not forget that it also burns major calories.

Moomin Shopping Bag

Like all Finns I'm a huge Moomin fan. I got this shopping bag at a grocery store in Finland last december, but it was just last month that I started consistently taking it with us to the food store. And I'm loving how it reminds me of Finland and all the funny (and some deep also) Moomin stories everytime I use it. 

Finnish Music

There's no denying it: Finland is the home to some of the most musical people in the world. There are so many new talented artists making their way to the charts all the time. Not many countries have their spotify top 50 filled with songs made by their own countrymen, in their native language. I'll list below some of my most listened Finnish songs in July.

I hope you had a great month of july (and well, if not, let's leave it behind us). Until next time!

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