lauantai 8. heinäkuuta 2017

The One Where Family Comes To Visit

The whole last week we had the pleasure to host my little brother and his fiancée from Finland. As good old ex-guides, we took our role seriously. Q drove hundreds of kilometres to show our guests the best of Provence in the limited time we had. 

Their visit awoke lots of mixed feelings in me. Stomach clenching homesickness and in the other hand the daunting realisation that there's nothing there for me anymore. My life is here and my family's is there. With fascination I stared at their sky colored eyes that, apart from mine, I was no longer used to seeing. I let myself dwell in their familiar air. I realised how innocent they now looked in my eyes. No matter what, Finland is still a calm and protected corner of the world. 

Seeing their child like naivety made me play my role of the big sister to the maximum: 

"Don't walk there." 
"Put sunscreen on."
"Don't look at those people."
"Drink lots of water."

The reality is that out here it is the big world. One morning I woke up to the news that minutes after passing last night by a spot a shooting took place there that made news all the way in Finland. Little did my worried parents know that it happened next to my parent-in-laws' quartier. We were quick to tell them to move as this wasn't the first alarming incident in the area.

However, I'm pretty sure we managed to give them one of the best holidays they have ever had. Thanks to Q's local knowledge, they were able to discover amazing things. Him also being a history teacher, they had detailed background info on all of the ancient sites.

The visit was well timed as we got to celebrate together one birthday, Q's master's degree, my brother-in-law's move back to Avignon and new job, our 1 year wedding anniversary (in advance) and my acceptance to the University. Our diet flew out of the window for the whole week, but it was totally worth it.

Thanks to our urgent need to get wine and baguette after a day at the beach and rushing into a random super market (and their destocking sales) on the way home, I can actually present you our adventures in pictures. 

The week was filled with long and hearty breakfasts, road trips, wine drinking, sightseeing and laughter.

And finally, last day at the zoo!

Et voila! I was like a real tourist, my camera always ready for action. So happy that I took so many photos, since numerous beautiful moments were captured.

Saying goodbye was once again hard for me. Already in the car on the way to the airport I was struggling to not let the tears roll out. Finally, when they disappeared to the other side of the security check, the sobbing started. Q's hand on my back guided me out of the Marseille Airport. 

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