torstai 15. kesäkuuta 2017

Oh, Hello Summer

The past three days have been gruelingly hot and there seems to be no end to it for at least an other week. Today's temperature is 37°C in the shadow! As our front yard faces the south, we are obliged to keep our wooden window shutters closed as long as the sun is up. Otherwise the house is soon one big sauna. My poor plants are basically turning into ash before my eyes as the terrace becomes an owen. The power of the sun is impressive. Even my succulents are turning brown. I'm trying to place them in the shadowy corners the best I can though...Isn't there any plants that love to be roasted in direct sun light all day? Are cactuses the only ones?

Since I started feeling sick about a week ago, things have only gotten worse as I now cough day and night. For the three last nights neither of us has been able to get more than just a few hours of sleep. I'm obliged to secure myself in a sitting position in the bed to not cough my lungs and insides out. It is a strange feeling to be sick during the summer. Soaked by both cold sweat and the natural heat that never leaves us. Nobody we know has an AC at home...

I wish that was my bus stop...nicely in the shadow.

Today I gathered all my strength and ventured out, under the merciless sun, as I had an appointment I couldn't miss. I had to take three busses in total. I was already beforehand worried about disgusting the fellow passengers with my gagging sounds. I tried to endure the tickling of my throat without coughing my viruses all over the place. That is something of the Japanese culture that I have kept: feeling the need to protect others. Too bad it's not a custom in Europe to wear mouth masks.

A little peek of the sandals I found at a flea market last Sunday!

My appointment was before noon and I had left the house with just a bottle of water with me. I love breakfast, but with the heat and being sick I haven't been inspired to eat in the morning. So at lunch time the need for some fuel started to be quite critical! Before the bus home I ventured to Casino grocery store to search some lunch. I spent like 15 minutes trying to find an option that wouldn't ruin my weightloss efforts. The salads were either too expensive or didn't have utensils included. I ended up buying a pack of plastic forks and a quinoa vegetable salad. At least now I have lots of emergency on the go utensils...

An improvised lunch set up next to the crowded bus stop.

When trying to stay consistent with healthy eating, this kind of situations are the worst. As I had failed to prepare, I was forced to try to make the best choice out of a very limited selection. In a hurry and feeling more hungry by the minute. Not good! So I am relieved that I managed to not take a mega sandwich with extra cheese or such. I have been going through also some other changes when it comes to food, but I will be talking more about that sometime in the near future.

When I made it home from my adventures, I made myself a big mug of some good old iced coffee! I recommend to sweeten it with some agave syrup. Yummyy.

I hope you are having a lovely day + see you soon!

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