sunnuntai 4. kesäkuuta 2017

A Day In The Life

We woke up once again to sad news from England. We took a deep breath and made a silent wish this madness will soon be over. Then, heavy heartedly, carried on making breakfast and coffee as we had plans to go check out some flea markets with my husband's parents. Pick up at 9 o'clock as in thrifting the early bird catches the worm!

Quick breakfast. Coffee and natural yogurt with oats, honey and nuts.

In the summer time, most of the flea markets are held on Sundays. They start typically already early morning and end in the beginning of afternoon. The biggest ones might last just until 5 pm. You can make great bargains if you know where to go. We choose always the more wealthy villages where people have invested in quality and have taken better care of their items. For best results it is best to go often and visit several villages. For many sellers the day of the vide-grenier is about enjoying the beautiful weather, picnicking and the friendly atmosphere.

We headed first to check out the village of Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon. It is a long weekend and people have all left to enjoy a mini-vacation. This means more space for the rest of us. St Saturnin had luxuriously many parking spots available. You can imagine the hell of parking in these small Provencal villages during events.

Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon. Market and  vide grenier.
St Saturnin's market turned out to be a bit of a disappointment as it was only half of its usual size. It was quickly checked and none of us found anything to buy. 

This was the first time going thrifting after starting my capsule-experiment. I felt liberated to know exactly what I was looking for and not even having to concider anything else. It is still fun to look at everything and enjoy the hunt of the long sought perfect item. I was checking particularly all the shoes for sandals.

The day was windy AF so I walked around holding tightly both sides of my skirt.

The day was still young so the adventure continued with the search of an other vide-grenier. We ended up turning in circles in the rich village of Les Angles, just next to Avignon. Thanks to my phone's gps we finally made it to our destination. They had sure hidden well their event! We joked that it is to prevent any poor from finding the place. Les Angles is well known as where the crème de la crème of the area lives. Of course this makes their flea markets very interesting for the rest of us.

We were not disappointed. The huge field was filled with items to discover. I had to practice some serious self-discipline more than once. There were high quality garments everywhere for very  reasonable prices and merino and alpaca wool sceins for 1 euro 50 cnts! I needed to be firm and tell myself that I have a very specific list of what I need.

I didn't find anything on my capsule wardrobe-list, but we finally came across a proper  little table for our living room! It cost only 5 euros. It's wood with some hand drawn/painted flower decorations. Fits perfectly in our little Hobbit-home ;)

Hubby also had some great luck as he found amazing shirts for just 2 euros each.

Our new living room table!

We left famished but happy with our finds. Time for our traditional post-flea-market-lunch chez my parents-in-law. Lunch starts with apero and it lasts at least good two hours in total. As we are all incredibly appreciative of good food, we take our sweet time enjoying it.

After lunch we headed to L'isle-sur-la-Sorgue to visit the annual festival of everything Italian. My Mother-in-law was in her element as her mother was Italian. Nothing makes her happier than being able to chat with the people from there. It's funny how similar French and Italian are. I have never studied the language, but I was still able to understand a lot of the conversations.

The event turned out to be the perfect end to the lovely day: Italian music, clothes, wine and food. 

When I'm enjoying Italian red wine from 2013, next to a sculpted fountain, with the wind in my hair and the sun in my face...I can't help but to feel so very happy and lucky to have the access to all of these simple, but wonderful, pleasures.

You see, how French I am becoming? Enjoying the moment with the help of the best things in life: food, wine and family.

Ps. As we lose everything in this family we have to do again with the awesome pictures taken with my iPhone4. Our camera has gone for a vacation to the place where all the lost things go.

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  1. Ohh, thank you, Marina! I think they are so beutiful, too. Very countryside romantic ;)