torstai 4. toukokuuta 2017

When Murphy's Law Gets Real

Are there powers in the universe that are capable of playing games with us? Does positive thinking attract good things? How about negative energy? How about all those times after that exam/interview/presentation you were feeling so confident, but ended up getting a horrible feedback anyway. Or when you are so afraid and nervous before something important you got to do, but everything ends up perfect. Or getting it just right when you are not even trying. Beginner's luck. Fool's luck. In our case... Murphy's law. Were there mystic powers in the universe or not, my husband and I have got our asses kicked so hard during the last three years that when good things seem to be knocking on our door, we come with a rifle to ask: "Who is it? What do you want?" We have even went so far that, when something great seems to be about to happen and according to all logic it just cannot fail, we make jokingly scenarios about how it will go wrong. We knew we are no longer those lucky bastards we used to be, but when our scenarios became reality...I must say we were like Salieri in the film Amadeus (1984) asking: "What is God up to?" :D

As I have gotten used to the worst imaginable scenario being true, when I didn't get shifts at work for a whole busy weekend I knew that I will probably never work there again. All while my boss was still pretending that nothing was wrong. After two weeks of no work we found out that the restaurant is looking for new chef and waiters. That meant that the old staff had all been either fired or they had decided to leave. The boss had not bothered to inform me of not renewing my contract until tomorrow, my birthday. The only reason why he doesn't get to drop the bomb on me when I go to get my last pay check is that I was forced to ask directly what I already knew to be true.

I have so much things I want to say related to how fucked up the treating of employees has become in Europe. So much frustration. Anger. But I feel powerless, seeing how money dominates and corrupts people. The amount of poor who accept their treatment and even help to raise to power those who will rob them of the few things they have left... Look at the French presidential elections.

Tomorrow I'll walk into that restaurant, get my last paycheck, get the hell out of there, go eat some cake and drink some goddamn Champagne. 

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