keskiviikko 10. toukokuuta 2017

Tää on hulluuden highway

Wednesday evening on the couch with a purring cat needy for love. Good music on the earphones. Scented candle burning in the freshly cleaned kitchen. I can feel the zen levels already increasing in our little, messy flat. The whole afternoon we have been attacking every dirty corner and pile of random stuff with white vinegar and trash bags as our weapons. Sounds like this place is a junkyard, but the truth is that we are two adults and two cats (currently also losing their winter fur..) in an apartment of 35 squaremetres with no space for storage. My husband laughs at how many "nice boxes" I keep on buying to hide all the clutter. We have big boxes with a collection of smaller boxes hidden inside and so on. Even at this very moment I am planning to go to IKEA to check if they have cute biiig containers...

I finished organizing and cleaning our kitchen area and there is something so calming and satifying in lighting a candle in a freshly cleaned space. Ahhh. Tomorrow I shall continue "putting our life in order" by cleaning our living room and eventually my wardrobe. I have been making so much research during the past week on how to create a wardrobe that makes sense. Now I just have a bit of this and that in my closet and nothing really goes well together. I dream of being able to mix and match pieces with ease...and the answer seems to be a capsule wardrobe!! I am so excited of this concept of having a limited amount of clothes for each season, but you can create so many different outfits since nearly everything is combinable! Can't wait to talk more about capsule wardrobes, but I'll have to wait until I finish the rest of my big cleaning. Then it's time to raid my garde-robe! Yasss.

While writing this I am listening to my favorite band "Haloo Helsinki!" Their lyrics always manage to touch me so deeply. This song that I have linked for you below reminds me of the days last winter that I spent at the school, learning about being a receptionist in France. When our teacher had not prepared anything to teach for the whole afternoon, I was in my own world, listening to Hulluuden Highway in the language of my emotions.

Kun valot sammuu niin sä kaiken näät
Kun valot sammuu niin sä valvomaan jäät
Suljet silmäsi ja hengität
Kyllä kaikesta sä vielä selviät
Joku voimas vei, vaik sä huusit ei
Tää on hulluuden highway

Haloo Helsinki!, Hulluuden Highway

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