keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2016

Crochet hat X 2

Of course I lost the yellow hat I had knitted as soon as I had worn it first time out of the house. I started looking for quick crochet hat tutorials to have something to keep my head warm. I found this awesome video by Alexis Middleton and I made not only one but two crochet hats in the past two days. I couldn't find as chunky yarn as she uses in the tutorial so mine are not really that slouchy.

My hook was too small and I used the thickest yarn (still not thick enough) I could buy and even tripled it! I modified the pattern to suit my yarn and hook size. On the second hat I made a flower decoration instead of a pompom. I wore the grey one today and got tons of compliments ^^

Our teacher thought our course continues next week so as they didn't have a plan B, we are off until told otherwise. The weekend I'll be working, but until then it's crochet time!

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