torstai 8. joulukuuta 2016

Casual OOTD


I realize more and more painfully how bad my phone's camera is. It's quite scandalous, but I'm seriously so broke now (especially as all the bureaucracy crap has left me with no income) that just have to make do with what I have. Eteenpäin! Huusi mummo lumessa. As we say in Finland: Onwards! Yelled the granny in the snow.

This was my today's comfy, but girly outfit to go run some errands in the village. No makeup and chunky hat covers messy hair. I have never seen anybody wear mittens here in the South of France even though it gets very chilly during the winter months. The ones I was wearing today are the only ones I haven't yet lost that my Grandma has made. She passed away last august so these are very precious to me now.

Walking around with my knitted hat, mittens, woolen socks and skirt I really stand out from the crowd. It is obvious I'm a foreigner. The french girls rarely wear skirts or dresses on a daily basis. They stick to jeans, but if they wear a dress it is a bodycon or other with sex appeal, haha! Yeah, so I'm the unsexy "grandma style" finnish girl :D

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