keskiviikko 14. joulukuuta 2016

Crispy Mornings & New Adventures

Huhh. I have had some intense couple of days over here. I got on Monday an order from a course friend to make her four crochet hats for Christmas. I was so happy and excited, but only problem was that Tuesday would be the last day of course and later this week I'm off to Finland! So I got fixated on finishing all four hats in one evening...*face palm*. I finished three until at 1 am I was losing my will to live and then carried on enjoying 5 hours of sleep until catching the train again to go to school. I finished the fourth hat during the course. I had to get this order out of the way because I haven't even finished all of my Christmas gift knits. When I was anxious about it this morning, my husband was like: "We will be spending this weekend one day on train and two days on a boat! What do you imagine you'll do with all the free time you'll have??" He has got a valid point there...

Yesterday was one of those days where everything feels more serious than it really is, because you just haven't had your 8 hours of sleep. I was so cranky already and then we had a meeting with the administrative staff that is taking care of the kind of courses that I had. The number of infuriating things in that meeting was just way too high. I was biting my teeth together all the way to not open my mouth and get carried away. I seem to have always this burning desire to fight for justice and speak when others are too indifferent or scared to do it. I did speak my mind of some things, but it was just the tip of the iceberg of what was going on in my mind. But the bottom line is that I'm finished with my course!! Yaaay!

I went to bed at half past seven and basically just passed out from the tiredness :D Today will also be a busy day since in the evening we will be hosting a dinner party and our house needs some serious cleaning before that. Also, I have to go see my boss in Avignon and take care of other errands.

Can't believe I will be in Finland next Monday.

sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2016

Just Expat Things


Enjoy the set of memes I made for all expats out there. Few are especially for those in France.

torstai 8. joulukuuta 2016

Casual OOTD


I realize more and more painfully how bad my phone's camera is. It's quite scandalous, but I'm seriously so broke now (especially as all the bureaucracy crap has left me with no income) that just have to make do with what I have. Eteenpäin! Huusi mummo lumessa. As we say in Finland: Onwards! Yelled the granny in the snow.

This was my today's comfy, but girly outfit to go run some errands in the village. No makeup and chunky hat covers messy hair. I have never seen anybody wear mittens here in the South of France even though it gets very chilly during the winter months. The ones I was wearing today are the only ones I haven't yet lost that my Grandma has made. She passed away last august so these are very precious to me now.

Walking around with my knitted hat, mittens, woolen socks and skirt I really stand out from the crowd. It is obvious I'm a foreigner. The french girls rarely wear skirts or dresses on a daily basis. They stick to jeans, but if they wear a dress it is a bodycon or other with sex appeal, haha! Yeah, so I'm the unsexy "grandma style" finnish girl :D

keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2016

Crochet hat X 2

Of course I lost the yellow hat I had knitted as soon as I had worn it first time out of the house. I started looking for quick crochet hat tutorials to have something to keep my head warm. I found this awesome video by Alexis Middleton and I made not only one but two crochet hats in the past two days. I couldn't find as chunky yarn as she uses in the tutorial so mine are not really that slouchy.

My hook was too small and I used the thickest yarn (still not thick enough) I could buy and even tripled it! I modified the pattern to suit my yarn and hook size. On the second hat I made a flower decoration instead of a pompom. I wore the grey one today and got tons of compliments ^^

Our teacher thought our course continues next week so as they didn't have a plan B, we are off until told otherwise. The weekend I'll be working, but until then it's crochet time!

sunnuntai 4. joulukuuta 2016

The Internship, Crocheting And Cats

No matter what, time has to move on. My internship ended officially last Friday and I couldn't be more relieved. The following night I kept waking up and every time I was so happy to realize that next morning I wouldn't be going back. Don't get me wrong though. The internship went very well. They even gave me recommendations for a job that I have been dreaming of applying for. They also offered me a contract to help them out during the busy periods. But oh boy, during these last three weeks I have been under more pressure than in a long while. Many badly slept nights, skipped meals, cups of coffee drank and too many cigarettes smoked.

I am still proud of what I have accomplished. Just few months ago I was starting this formation. Trembling, almost crying, because I had to practice taking a hotel reservation in french in front of a classroom full of people. And now for three weeks I have been serving clients in french language in a local hotel and my bosses were actually satisfied with my work! This is a great accomplishment. I almost feel that if I continued working there I could really get comfortable there.

But the last day was hard! Difficult phone calls, missing reservations and lost customers. According to my colleague it was a typical Friday evening. I wouldn't have minded that much though if I could have been more at ease on the phone to help the lost customer or assure better the one whose reservation we couldn't find. There's still room for improvement. When dealing with customers, I too often leave things unsaid just because I don't want to sound stupid. I almost feel like it is an insult to try to serve them with my broken french. In reality most of my customers have been very understanding and kind to me. They don't really mind as long as the message gets through.

Despite of all the big changes and challenges going on I have been carrying on with crocheting. My furry sons have been very interested in my doings and can't resist testing the  comfort of my creations. There's always someone on top of my t-shirt yarn or half finished work.

Finished this t-shirt yarn doily rug that will be a Christmas gift. 

Manu guarding Mama's crocheting stuffs.
These crochet doily rugs are so fun and fast to make that I couldn't resist buying this faded purple/violet yarn to make yet another one. It turned out so nice that I put it on our kitchen table. As you can see, Manu is finding my rug very comfortable. My next mission is to find some chunky wool yarn to crochet more Christmas gifts!