sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2016

What's Been Going On

To be honest, writing the title of this post made the words of Donald Trump pop up on my mind: "...until we know what the hell is going on!!" Well, the rest of this has nothing to do with Donald.

Just a quick Sunday evening update written from under a warm blanket. Firstly, my internship is going sooo much better now. I know the jazz now so no problems. I have been doing all the evening shifts. Taking reservations, welcoming the arriving clients, verifying rooms and so on. Only thing that bugs me is that my French skills still make me nervous and shy in front of the clients at times. It's just something to live with and that's all. I learn everyday to speak just a little bit better. I did get compliments on my pretty accent though! Yaay.

What else...I have been battling with the French bureaucracy for eight months now. The unemployment services particularly. Even though my husband works, we are really struggling with money. I have done everything by the book ever since the beginning, but I haven't received any of the money I was supposed to get for my French course and this one of a receptionist. Well, long story short: last Friday I went to their office, got the usual shit service, made a scene and marched out. I gave up all my hopes and decided to survive without their money. And I found peace! Now, if they in the years to come will finally get their shit together, it will be just a great surprise. It would be just a way too long post to describe the utter, complete, maddening incompetence of the employees in the French social security and unemployment services. If you are a fellow expat in France though, you will know what I'm talking about.

Our hotel will be closed for a week now for renovations, which means holidays for me! Will be knitting and sleeping.

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