tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2016

Recent creative stuff!

Yesterday evening I finished my bonnet that I started some days ago. It's only the second one I have ever made. The pattern and everything was just improvised as I went on. But it turned out quite fine (the color is perfect also!) even though it wouldn't pass a closer examination hihih..

Also, yesterday was all the way just a day for being lazy and doing artsy, inspiring stuff. I was playing with my watercolors and came to the conclusion I really need to practice more often!

I promised to make a crocheted doily rug as a Christmas present for one of my family members. Never have I ever made one either hah! But always wanted to so I took on the challenge. I was surprised how satisfying it is to crochet that stretchy t-shirt tricot. I'm so hooked. I want to make millions of these in all colors and other stuff from chunky yarn!

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