maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2016

A Quiet Monday

Wrapped in my huge warm scarf, eating breakfast all day, knitting while watching silly videos on youtube.

That's the Monday I need right now. Time to let go of everything for a moment and let things quietly fall in place. We all have these ideologies and inspirational quotes hanged on our walls or pinned on our pinterest boards, but why is it so hard to live by them? You know. Not giving a shit and finding the peace in the moment. The first thought on my mind this morning was about work and I wasn't feeling that great, but now I can say that I'm starting to feel normal again. Not all confused and frazzled, but really starting to see things in a brighter light. This afternoon and evening I will work on the stuff I need to handle in order to manage in my internship. I will just give my 100 percent of effort and if I fail, well, then I can really say I goddamn it gave it my best shot. Yes. That's the spirit I will commit to from now on.

I started a new knitting project today that I intend to be a quite short one. I bought this lovely rustic orange/yellow yarn the other day and plan to make myself a bonnet. I already actually finished one scarf I was crocheting and a knitted hat for my hubby, but without a proper camera I have been postponing posting pictures of them on the blog. I guess I'll just have to snap some photos with my iphone4 and deal with it. I really intend to start posting more and better quality photos as soon as I get a real camera in use.

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