maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2016

Why you should always be careful

I  can say that my life has turned to be a bit more dramatic than I would like since I moved to France. 

I wish my life was so boring that this blog could be about cute french streets, pictures of croissants and dreamy lavender fields. But here I am with a story of how I was harassed in the middle of a day by a strange man and now I carry a half illegal protection in my bag at all times.

It happened last week when I was on my way back to the school after my lunch break. A man had seen me walking by the road and had deliberately pulled over to talk to me (and in his mind to do much more). I turned around a corner and there he was. At the time the area happened to be also very deserted since it was the school holidays. He said he just wanted to see me because I looked so hot etc. and he wanted to get my phone number. When I told him I'm married it started to really get scary for me...he stood so close to me and wanted to know if I have ever slept with a man from his country (yeah, he wasn't french). I felt the fear squeezing my insides as I realized the seriousness of my situation. If I did any wrong move, it could escalate the situation into something horrible. Stifly but calmly I managed to say I really had to go. He admitted if I just gave him cheek kisses before. Terrified, I agreed and then walked away as fast as I could without looking back or starting to run. Luckily the whole thing happened just 300 meters from the school gates where I already saw people and was safe.

This was the third time something like this happened to me. Two other times were in Japan, but there were always other people not far away. But this time I was really terrified by my own helplessness there in the middle of a quiet street with that man than made my insides freeze with fear. It did change my feeling of security and it has taken some days to process what happened. For a few nights it was even hard to sleep. But we bought me a little something for my protection which has really given me more peace of mind.

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