sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2016


I have been doing better. 

After the first shock of starting the training of a receptionist, things have started running more smoothly. My french skills have been improving so much since this course is meant for the native french speakers. I have been having some intense french language training sessions with my husband  to gain even more confidence. Because of all this I have been so tired after each day and each week. Last weekend I slept 12 hours each night to recover.

In my last post I was not in a very good place, but as I predicted: first the suffering, then the success. Just few days later I went to the city of Avignon with my CVs and motivation letters in hopes to find a hotel that would take me in for an internship. I had it clear on my mind what I was searching: something small and cozy, preferably on a small street. My intuition directed me on a narrow street right next to the main one. I asked in two little two star hotels and answer was no since they would be closing for the winter. We left the alley with my husband and after 500 meters someone was calling out to us and asking if I was looking for an internship. Oh yes! It was the receptionist of a hotel that was on the very same street where we had just been. She had seen me asking around and decided to come after me since her place was looking for an intern. I gave my CV and motivation letter and I got myself an interview. And I got in! So far I'm also one of the only two people who have managed to find an internship in our course. I thank the universe for my luck. By no means I expect this internship to be easy though. It will be very challenging (mainly for working in french language), but I will do my best to raise up to the level needed.

We also finally booked our train and ship tickets to go to Finland for the Christmas. We both hate flying so we decided that why not go by land then. It takes longer, but I really love to see the landscapes while traveling. It also reminds me of the road trips we used to take with my family to southern Europe when I was a kid. Like this we get to have some adventures on the way and even spend a night in the beautiful Strasbourg.

I have been carrying on with learning to crochet and knit again. I finished one waaarm and heavy scarf already and more is on the way. The courses have also ignited my desire to doodle again of which examples on this post. My most artistic times seem to be when I'm bored haha...

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