maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2016

On Commence!

Hello, bonjour & moi!

This is Madame Manumus opening the connection out to the world. You are in for a lot of random blabber, second class handicrafts, cat pictures and mighty Manu knows what else because I don't. I'm a young new wife lost in translation in her new country trying to learn how not to stress and just breath, trying to build my life and find the right path by exploring absolutely everything that happens to spark even the tiniest bit of passion in my heart. This blog is most of all for me to put down thoughts, moments and inspirational things. It will be a scrapbook without rules, filled with everything that means something to me.

Let's get started with the introductions!

I have landed on France from Finland and I'm in the process of adapting myself to my new world. One might ask why I write in english, but I will actually be writing probably both in finnish and english in this blog. English is very close to me now as it has for years been my way of communication in my everyday life. Sometimes I miss the beauty and funny words of finnish so then I just switch!

This blog will hopefully work as a motivator for me to dig back up my artistic side that I have neglected for some years now. I have started knitting and crocheting again as well as painting with my little water colors. It has been typical for me in the past to get interested in something, try to compete in quality with all those more advanced and then give up because I wasn't good enough for myself. Well, I have now decided that failure is the mother of progress and I will keep doing whatever seems pleasurable for me no matter the results! Right now I'm overall very excited about all things diy. I will be sharing some of my first projects soon.

I appreciate the little things in our ordinary everyday life. Having a good cup of coffee, reading good books, the embrace of my cat and finding a good new song. I look for beauty everywhere and eventually I will be sharing photos and maybe even my outfits etc.

Some other interests of the moment: photographing, crocheted bralettes, making videos, getting fit through healthy eating and exercise, second hand clothes

And this is Manu! The black cat so black it's almost impossible to photograph him...

I never used to like cats much until I met in Japan the kindest and most loving black cat called Hanzo. Ever since there has been a special place in my heart for these little black creatures! A year and a half ago me and my husband made a three hour trip to the French Alps to get our baby cat. He is a solid part of our little family as he has in his little short life been through many adventures with his Mama and Papa! He has been in airplanes, trains, busses, in Parisian cafes and hotels. He has been to Finland and back, this little adventurer. He has imprinted on his two humans stronger than any other cat I have seen. He meows when he hears our footsteps approaching the house and he runs the curved stairs down to give his salutations. He is the real star of the family.

So that's it for the first introductions! By the way: I got a lot of inspiration and support from Daft Punk's song "Giorgio by Moroder" to start this blog. The song has these lines: "Once you want to free your mind about a concept of harmony and of music being correct, you can do whatever you want. So nobody told me what to do and there was no preconception of what to do." That goes for everything in life. Let's forget about being correct and just do what feels right to us. That is the only way to be truly original and happy.

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