tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2016

The Palatossut


I have finally finished my first knitted socks for this coming winter (I don't say autumn because it's still 35 degrees in the South of France...). I learnt to knit at school, but I'm really a total beginner since after junior high school I have done just one knitting work per year. I started easy and cheap (my yarn was 100 percent acrylic) to minimize the pressure and financial losses :D You gotta start somewhere!

In finnish these are called "palatossut" which loosely translates to piece socks. As the name suggests they are normally made of 8 garter stitch squares that are just knitted together in a certain way. I made my socks by just knitting already all the squares together and then just stitched the sides of squares together according to this guide. You can use as many colors as you wish for the squares. I used only one color because my first try on these ended up as...grhm.. failure and I ran out of my blue yarn. So of the first pair I have now just one sock, which is actually waay too big for me. My feet are size 37 and in the guide they instruct you to create 19 stitches for a size 38-39 sock. Well, I was hasty and thought size 38 would fit me just fiiine...but nope. Lesson learned and I did my next socks with just 16 stitches and they turned out better! Just wish I had had some pretty colored yarn to combine with my mixed light color one. Anyway, these are quick to make and make a great christmas present. I will be making them for my family in different colors and with better quality yarn this time.

The second sock from my first attempt turned out like this. It is so big though I'll give it to my mother in law after making a proper pair.

My history's teacher back in high school used to comfort us with this phrase: "You have the ability to learn." You are a human being and you learn even if you don't want to! Want evidence? 

My first sock looked like this...

The only way from here is up hahha! I bought some cotton yarn yesterday to try out some crocheting this evening now that my socks are done. Will report the results soon!

PS. Sorry for crap quality pictures. I have to use my age old ipod for the moment until I get a better camera in use.

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