keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2016

The Calm Returns

After two badly slept nights caused by our newest family member, things seem to be getting more normal now. All in all our new baby kitten has been much easier than Manu was when we first got him. We have also named our kitten "Noki" now that we know it's a male! The first two days Manu was hiding around the house and at the sight of Noki he just made low growling noises. Today was a turning point though as both Manu and Noki vanished under the kitchen cabin. We could only hear Manu's growling and note Noki's silence. We went meanwhile to do some groceries (since the vet had assured us that a grown cat would not hurt a kitten). When we came back, both cats had emerged from hiding and the atmosphere felt immediately more relaxed in the house. They had apparently managed to settle their things and now we are able to have them both roaming around the house!

On the video you see our Noki doing what he loves most: eating hair :D


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