torstai 29. syyskuuta 2016


I'm sitting in our kitchen/living room with Noki on my lap. Our couch is naked without its cushion. Our front yard is full of plastic bags with our clothes in them. Yes. We have fleas. The drama started yesterday morning when I was petting Noki who had been shivering strangely for a while. I caught a glimpse of a small light brown bug swimming through his forehead hair. So started the googling to check exactly what kind of bastard we are dealing with. Instructions were to clean everything  the cat has ever touched. Carpets, clothes, cushions etc.

Of course one of the first things to do was take care of our cats. Noki was starting to get less and less active, shivering and breathing rapidly. We treated both cats with a special flea repellent and especially Noki is feeling so much better today. Last night I was sobbing next to him to my husband that he's gonna die before the morning if we don't do something more. All animal clinics were closed so we couldn't do but wait for the morning and then go to vet if needed. Luckily Noki was more energetic already this morning and I had been overreacting.

The product we used kills all the fleas that come in touch with the cat. This makes the cats our number one weapon against these little assholes since they are attracted to the animals. If you let the treated cat walk all around the house, it will end up attracting and terminating a great amount of the bugs. Then again, I wish they had a similar product for us humans. I can tell you I'm putting a considerable amount of will power into staying calm despite of paranoidly scratching my head...

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