maanantai 19. syyskuuta 2016

New member of the family has arrived!

My mother-in-law is a woman of many connections. Whatever you need, she has the right person to help you. The idea of a little brother or sister for many has been warming up in our minds for a while now and  it seems that when the time is right, things happen. My husband's mother's friend had a big surprise when her cat one day introduced her six newborn all black kittens! Did we want one? Oh yes.

Yesterday we packed ourselves in our little Skoda in order to go get our new baby home. We had already seen the kittens for the first time a bit over a week ago, but they were still just barely 8 weeks old so we decided to give it more time. We are still not sure of the actual age of the kittens, but my guess is maximum 10 weeks judging from the size. They were born in the countryside and lived mostly outside so the owners weren't sure of the actual time of birth.

Since we already have Manu, we wanted to make sure to pick a good match for him. Male or female - didn't matter much since we plan to get the cat castrated. We needed someone that is sociable without being too dominant. We also looked for cautiousness in the kittens. We live next to a road so a cat that is too brave would have been a big risk. There was one kitten in the litter who always came first from hiding to eat and wasn't scared of cars. We ended up getting the third kitten that came out from hiding. We still don't actually even know if it is a male or female :D We didn't want to traumatize it by trying to analyze its lady or man parts. We will know next week at the vet. Makes it a little hard to figure out names though!

How did Manu react to the newcomer? We could immediately tell when we came home with the kitten that he was puzzled and feeling even a bit betrayed that we would come home with an other cat. Manu is a special cat in the way that he is not really strongly territorial except for me and my husband. For Manu his home is where we are so we will have to try to be super careful to show him as much love as we can. He is not used to sharing his mama and papa and he kept coming for cuddles all yesterday evening. He was sitting behind the door of the room where we put the kitten and he kept coming to me to get reassurance that everything is okay. Poor Manu, as of the moment he has placed himself in the safe under the kitchen cabin...

I was also fairly sure that the stress would manifest itself by Manu peeing around the house. As usually, it anyway happened when we least expected it. We were in all tranquility enjoying a little evening drink on our couch when my husband said he pretty much smells pee from somewhere. Well yes, he was pretty much sitting on top of a pool of it. We made a MacGyver inspired solution to protect the couch from more damage for the night.

I'm pretty sure cats actually train you for being an efficient parent :D

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