torstai 18. tammikuuta 2018

A Week Of Capsule Outfits // Thursday

Today I'm wearing my "hobbit shirt" as I like to call this tunic/dress. It does have some Lord of the Rings vibes, no? As it has a quite high slit on the front, I have one of my black layering dresses underneath just to be a bit more secure. I thrifted this tunic about a year ago and haven't regretted the purchase as it has turned out to be such a versatile piece. It works out during both cool and hot months as it can be worn with or without tights and buttoned up or unbuttoned as a light coat!

By the way, it turns out that I'm still this whole week on a vacation. The University is doing all the same Welcome Week activities than last autumn for the students who arrive for the rest of the school year so there's no point for me to be there. I'm not thrilled to have so much free time thrifting alone around the house, but it's a bit easier to stand with a little to-do list for each day. If I haven't planned anything productive to do, I just end up on the couch getting all stressed out about all sorts of future unknowns. I'm proud though that I have learnt tools to stay positive and productive during days that it's just me, myself and I at home. It's all about staying active (exercising, cleaning, working on personal projects etc.) and making the conscious decision to do and not worry if there's nothing to be done about it at the moment. Anyway, next week it's back to learning le français and I'm thrilled that our group will be sooo much bigger this semester!

keskiviikko 17. tammikuuta 2018

A Week Of Capsule Outfits // Wednesday

Q doesn't work on Wednesdays so it was a cozy day at my parents-in-law's place where we drank tons of expresso from huge mugs and I progressed a lot with my knit cardigan. I recruited Q to be my fashion photographer, we tried to shoot before anyone sees us and  I had a hard time keeping a straight face as he stuggled with our little point-and-shoot camera. He kept telling me: "It's fiiiine, it's fiiiine. We'll just edit it later!" I was like: "Honey, our camera is such a toy that one does simply not edit things afterwards!!"

Anyway, this skirt is such a favorite of mine and I'm a bit sad I didn't buy it in more colours a few years back (I wish I had it in black). It's my go-to piece on days that I feel like nothing fits! My cardigan is thrifted and the yellow scarf has been my friend in many battles already since 2008.

tiistai 16. tammikuuta 2018

A Week Of Capsule Outfits // Tuesday

It's funny how the universe oftentimes has a way of bringing the things we most need and wish for into our lives. So happened with this lovely wool blend coat which was brought to me all the way from Italy as my friend had never worn it and wanted to find it a new owner. Little did she know that I had been desperately looking for a light winter coat for the last few months in all possible second hand shops. I somehow knew though that I would sooner or later come across the one that was meant for me and wasn't disappointed! That's also one of the pros of refusing to buy new: finding clothes becomes an exciting treasure hunt in which destiny plays a role too.

I had some errands to run in the city so I was happy to get a chance to wear my newest piece! Under my coat I wore a simple purple dress and one of my favorite cardigans which is super warm, great quality and cost me only 2 euros thrifted. I put also my glasses on today to be able to catch the right bus! I should actually be wearing them all the time, but I still haven't gotten used to feeling them on my face all day long. I anyway always end up hurting Q with them when I try to kiss him..

maanantai 15. tammikuuta 2018

A Week Of Capsule Outfits // Monday


I thought that since I posted a collage of my winter capsule wardrobe it would be nice to actually see the pieces in action. As it was a part of my new year's resolution to be more present here on the blog, a whole week of ootds doesn't seem like a bad idea. Here's my today's outfit: a little black dress, purple cardigan and my red scarf that is the only gift Q's Grandma had time to give me before passing away. I love it and wear it all the time. That swirl hairstyle has become something of a trademark of mine. It's so easy, but makes it look like you actually made an effort (you know, in the bohemian french way.)

A comfy, girly outfit, just how I like it. Voilà, à demain!

perjantai 12. tammikuuta 2018

My No Pants Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I started experimenting with capsule wardrobes last summer and now I can't imagine not having one. It makes dressing up so much easier as I actually have things to wear which ironically was not the case when I used to have tons of clothes. You can check out how I started my  first closet clean out here.

I initially wanted to create a new capsule for each season, but my autumn wardrobe ended up being a strange mix of sun dresses and cardigans as I was waiting for the crispy weather to arrive but it never did! And then it was already "winter". If I have learnt something about the local weather it's that you never know what to expect: you can have a white Christmas or twenty-something degrees Celsius. Overall the winter is very mild here in Provence which has allowed me to continue wearing dresses and skirts. I survive the colder days by layering with long sleeves and underdresses. My big blanket scarf helps to keep me warm as well. 

Another reason to this pantless capsule is that I simply don't have any pants left! Both jeans that were part of my summer capsule are completely, irreparably broken. Thanks, fast fashion. I have two other pants, but they are both wrong size for me at this moment *face palm*

Anyhow, here's my 30 piece winter 2017-2018 wardrobe:

Voilà! Have a happy weekend!

maanantai 8. tammikuuta 2018

A Gloomy Monday With Noki

It's Q's first day back to work after the holidays and I still have a week left before the next semester starts. It turns out that my French studies will continue, which is great news as I really can't imagine stopping now that I have improved so much. There will not be a level C1-group so I will be joining the new B2 students, but my goal is to pass the DALF C1 language exam at the end of the semester. Most students from my last group will be doing the same as none of us finds self studying a very attractive option at this point. All of us being in the process of adaptation to our new country, we appreciate so much the structure that going to the University brings to our lives. 

Last night I wrote a to-do list for today which included making a post about my winter capsule wardrobe (yes, finally). Well, it's such a gloomy, dark day that taking decent pictures in the house turned out impossible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will soon improve so I could show you my capsule before the season changes again...

I haven't completely given up to just cuddling Noki (Manu is adventuring outdoors) in the bed though, I have actually gotten some useful things done! Like organizing all of my French notes and deciding which grammar points to revise before the new semester. Even though I'll be in the B2-group, I need to keep the mind set of constantly bettering myself in order to succeed the DALF exam at the end.

Apart from that, I have been working on a project that I started already a few months back: a long knitted cardigan. My mother sends me every season a Novita magazine from Finland filled with lovely knitting and crochet patterns. I have never knit anything more demanding than a pair of socks or mittens, but I loved this model so much that I decided to just go for it! Especially since my mother-in-law assured me that she would help me to understand the pattern if needed. It's definitely an enormous amount of work, but I'm slowly but surely progressing: the back piece is ready and I will most likely complete the two front pieces by the end of the week. Then there will be only the sleeves to finish!

Miauuuu, happy Monday!

torstai 4. tammikuuta 2018

2018 // Daring To Win

And so the year 2018 has arrived. Mine started in a small dark room full of alcohol vapors at my parent-in-laws' place. I woke up fully dressed, last night's make up on and with Q moaning weakly from the other side of the bed: "I'm gonna diiieeee..." In other words we didn't have a too bad New Year's Eve party! In fact, we came to the conclusion that neither of us had ever celebrated the New Year in this manner so successfully. I honestly believe that it's all thanks to not planning how it all would turn out as our original plans had been cancelled at the last minute. We gathered all our friends who were in the same situation as us and headed out into the night of Avignon and the rest is history. It was just like in the beginning of our twenties: drinking beers, silly dancing and going on an adventure with people we didn't know a few hours ago. We are relieved that we are still capable of this kind of nights as we were beginning to worry that we had become a couple that only throws fancy dinner parties.

As Q was feeling just a little bit hungover, he was totally incapable of driving us back home. I haven't talked about this here on the blog before, but I have not driven much at all here in France since the people are absolutely crazy on the road. I'm a fairly new driver altogether so my lack of experience and confidence on the road has so far kept me from even practicing. For a moment I was so frustrated with my in laws constantly reminding me of the fact that I didn't drive. However, on that morning I had decided that I would god damn it take my husband home myself. After all, what sort of wife would I be if my husband couldn't count on me on this? His family members all proposed to drive us, but I proclaimed that it was not necessary. Once behind the wheel I told Q that it was in fact a terrible idea, but I decided to just do it. May that be my motto of 2018. After months of not touching the wheel I just did it, I drove my sick husband home. A nice little big personal victory to start the year with. 

This year I want to break my limits. I want to just do it even if that something terrifies me or makes me doubt myself. There's such a rush we can achieve by doing something out of our comfort zone. The key is to each time to just keep daring. My biggest challenge for this year will be the courage to be good and to win. The truth is that in my adult life I have never had the mental strength to handle a big success or a victory. It does take a strong, fearless mind to win. This is what my archery teacher told me in a letter he addressed to me before I left Japan in 2010 (time flies..). He wrote that I am a good archer but that I lack the mental strength to reach excellency and to win. Ever since his words have never left me. I have even dreamed of them as I know to what point they are accurate. I am my own biggest enemy and ultimate obstacle when it comes to living my best life. As a child I was told by teachers and fellow class mates that I was not worthy. I was too dumb, too shy, too fat. And so I started to avoid success because it was not a part of my identity. The truth is that the times that I have actually had success have never brought me pleasure as for me I didn't truly even deserve it. 

In 2018 I want to change this toxic mindset and learn how to take pleasure in my victories. The most visible proof of my harming mindset is my body. I'm that person who is always on a diet. As a child I was bullied for being the chubby one and even when I went through a period of extreme restriction, ending up underweight, the image of a fat girl stuck hard. Later I gained back the weight as if to fullfill the role that I had been given. I kept dieting, but everytime that I saw results, I would unconsciously start to sabotage my success. I am 26 years old and I don't want to keep repeating myself. I have already been skinny in my life but I have never been physically strong and I need to now or never change that: in the next few years we want to have a child. To carry a baby and give birth I will need a strong body. I'm still young, but I already have a bad posture, sagging belly and aches that a woman of my age shouldn't have. 

Lastly, I want to be more present here on the blog. I'm aiming to double the amount of my posts this coming year. I want to keep sharing my story and hopefully I will keep getting better and better at this thing. 

I wish you a wonderful New Year! Thank you so much for being here.